About Us

About Us

We are a small family farm enterprise consisting of my wife, my son, myself and my bees (apris mellifera mellifera ) the native Irish black bee. We have a hillside farm overlooking Galway Bay which consists of mountain sheep, cattle, pigs, poultry, horses and our native black bees.

To us the bees add greatly to our eco system. Our livestock keep the heather young by grazing thus allowing our ling heather to produce loads of nectar for our bees in August. In return our bees pollinate our crops for our livestock.

We live in a part of Connemara where the heather crop grows at an altitude of between zero to 100 meters and is a peaty soil. Some of the soil is very shallow and in some parts deep in bogs so heather honey country.

We use both WBC (using national brood and super boxes ) and National Hives, so every equipment is compatible. We adopt a bee-centric natural approach to beekeeping.

We produce section honey, cut comb honey and run honey for our blossom and heather honey. We only use a coarse strainer in the honey extraction process and we do not heat the honey to keep in all the goodness.

From our wax we produce fragrance candles and soaps.

We also sell bees in hives.

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